Have A Venue With A Parking Lot For Rent?
Looking To Increase Traffic To Your Restaurant Or Retail Venue?


We specialize in organizing vendor markets & craft fairs for small businesses and are looking for outdoor venues to rent for the Spring/Summer seasons. We are also looking for venues and businesses looking to partner on organizing a weekend vendor market to increase traffic to your event or establishment.

We have worked with over 4500 vendors over the past two years either through events or our year round online market. In addition we have produced over 200 events of our own with an average of 30 plus vendors at each event. Finding vendors and sponsors is our specialty.

We work with a variety of small business vendors including crafters, craftsmen, local retailers, food & beverage, and service providers. These community businesses are always looking for vendor opportunities to promote their products or services.

We are looking for venues or establishments that have space to accommodate between 20-50 10×10 vendors. If it’s an outdoor venue such as a parking lot, vendors provide their own pop up tents, tables, and chairs. We provide liability insurance coverage that covers all the vendors for the event.

We also handle all registration, communication with vendors, marketing of the event, and have an event coordinator on site throughout the event. Typically we are looking for Saturday or Sundays from 10am-4pm.

Want to team up on an event and generate some additional revenue?

You provide the venue and we do all the heavy work to put the event together.

Basically, this is how it works:

  • All we need from you is an area for 10-25 vendors to set up on the dates you have available.
  • Each vendor would get a 10×10 spot and would provide their own pop up tents, tables, and chairs. The type of vendors would be local crafters, craftsmen, local retailers, and local small business service providers.
  • Prior to each event you would have final say of any participating vendors and we would avoid any potential conflicts of interest with vendors or sponsors you already have relationships with.
  • We handle everything for you including finding the vendors, registration, communication with vendors, and even have an event coordinator on site at the events to handle checking in the vendors and overseeing the vendor area. All vendors are covered under our liability insurance policy.
  • No risk to you at all. We charge each vendor $100 to participate in the event and do a 50/50 split with you. So every vendor we get to participate your venue/establishment/event makes $50. A 20-30 vendor event generates your venue $1000-$1500.

If you are interested or have space available, complete the form below and we will reach out to schedule a call to talk more.

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