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We have worked with over 4500 vendors over the past two years either through events or our year round online market. In addition we have produced over 200 events of our own with an average of 30 plus vendors at each event.

We have had plenty of time to see what vendors have success at events and have identified the reasons why they have had so much success. Now we have packaged that information into a one hour  Vendor Training Webinar. We want to share information to help vendors have more success at vendor events and grow their business.

This webinar is for any small business vendor who is looking to have more success at events, increase sales, convert leads into forever customers, and to overall grow their business.

We have broken the webinar to 4 parts. Here’s what you will learn:


  • Identifying the right events to participate in.
  • How to prepare for the event.
  • What you should bring with you to the event besides your products.
  • How to ensure you have success at the event no matter how many people are in attendance.

Showtime-Event Day

  • Your booth setup (yes it’s very important).
  • Customer Interaction.
  • How to properly read the room.
  • How to always ensure you break even at the event.

The Sales Process

  • Properly pricing your items.
  • Specials or no specials?
  • Leads leads leads.
  • How to properly upsell and turn a $20 sale into a $40 sale.

Post Event

  • The work has just begun.
  • Making more money post event than during the event.
  • Turning leads in forever customers.
  • Setting yourself up for success at future events.
  • Booking your next event within 24 hours.

Total Cost For The One Hour Webinar is $50

Even if you just apply one or two things learned from the webinar to your next event you will make your money back and then some. We guarantee even seasoned vendors will find something from this webinar to apply to their business.


Sonia Stinson
Founder, CEO
AllSkin Naturals Beauty Inc.
Veteran Event Vendor

If anyone has had success and taken her business to the next level because of success at vendor events, its Sonia.

Participating in vendor events have helped Sonia increase sales, open doors to grow her brand, and built a loyal customer base.

Here are just a few highlights of her success with her own personal brand:

  • She has participated in well over 100 vendor events.
  • She has never left a vendor event without at least doubling her vendor registration fee in sales.
  • Her hard work has helped get her products showcased and sold by first class department stores including Saks Fifth Avenue.
  • Has mentored over 100 small business owners and has been a crucial part in helping them grow their brands and increase sales.

Let our team help you take your business to the next level and help ensure you have success at all of your vendor events!

Choose from one of the four dates and times:

Wednesday, March 29th 2pm Pacific Time
Thursday, March 30th 6pm Pacific Time
Tuesday, April 4th 6pm Pacific Time
Monday, April 10th 10am Pacific Time

Upon submission of your registration you will recieve a confirmation email and login instructions for the webinar will be emailed to you within 48 hours of your chosen date/time.